Opening New Doors to Independence

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Supported Living

The aim of JME Care Ltd is to deliver first class quality care and support to adults with learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and communication difficulties in a supported living environment, we work on the principle that people with learning disabilities have the same fundamental rights as anyone else in society, which includes the right to develop and make informed choices about their lives. We pride ourselves on respecting the needs, rights, choices of all individuals and encouraging independence. Supported living enables individuals to gain control of their life with the safety net of support. JME Care Ltd supported living service enables people to live in their own home instead of in residential care or with family. We can support individuals to have their own place, or to share with others. JME Care Ltd offer a range of support based on peoples individual needs and aspirations. This can include support with:


* household tasks


* personal care


* maintaining a tenancy


* taking medication


* money management


* building links with friends, family and the community


* social and leisure activities


* Making healthy lifestyle choices.


It is important that services and support can change if the person’s needs change. JME Care Ltd provides services that can change easily to meet people’s needs.

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